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pkachu drinks a hrlm shak pkachu drinks a hrlm shak

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Very good animation but plenty of room for improvement.

Bumming the palette off of Erin exceptionally helped convey a parody
feeling and was an awesome idea. Very easy to tell the link.

I was impressed by the level you were willing to create the scene,
especially the buzz of the freezers. It really established the setting


Even for comedic effect, it sorta looked like you half-assed slowpoke,
and I wouldn't recommend drawing things badly to be funny unless
it is very different comparatively to the rest of your animation. This

The text jitter that was going on really fucked up the zooms and the
panning and I hope you find a way to solve it.

Some of the out of focus/bokeh/blurred shots felt awkward, was
this a virtual cam's work or did you blur the layers yourself?
In either case you should work on improving that.

I enjoyed this and will be waiting for more, good job.

Kidmanikin responds:

Good god damn, that was a thorough review.
I completely agree with basically everything you said.
I wasn't really all that invested in this project. It was sort of made on a whim. Just thought I should milk this harlem shake nonsense while I still could. Tryin' to build up some subscribers on my YouTube channel before I start releasing the thick meaty slices.
The thick meaty slices will come soon.


Seesaw (animation test) Seesaw (animation test)

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Vibrating sun which looks like it only has two frames, irritating sqeak noise, and the hummung sounds that sound like they overlap are why I gave this a two. Stiff seesaw animation and lack of any other plot or story or progression as well are the reasons I gave this a one. And the fact that you want to post a "test" animation on Newgrounds and expect no one to write anything negative about it is why I gave this a generous half a star. You have a better animation than this on your page, so you know how to animate better than this. There is space in the dumping grounds if you need to dump something but please try to submit your quality work here.

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D3lton responds:

Thanks for the feed back, please stay tuned for next week animation, I promise it will have everything you want out of a cartoon. It won't be the BEST but it will please you. Also check out my YouTube channel, it has things that NG won't allow. D3cartoons

Game Grumps - Rap Pitch Game Grumps - Rap Pitch

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Such a beautiful rendition of the audio. Smooth animation, great style, and you even added you own beat as well! Such a score. Maybe next time do a little more lip-sync and inbetweens but otherwise this is set.

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